Website Service Level Agreement

Företagsplatsen AB, 556107-0789


1.1 Företagsplatsen AB, Swedish corporate ID number 556107-0789, (“Företagsplatsen”) shall provide Customer with internet-based access to Företagsplatsen’s website specified to the Agreement and, from now on referred to as ”website”. Website   is made available to Customer for access on servers owned or controlled by Företagsplatsen or its contractors. Customer may process and store data with Website. 

1.2 This service level agreement (“SLA”) sets out the standards of hardware and software infrastructure availability that Företagsplatsen shall maintain in connection to providing Website   to Customer. 

1.3 Företagsplatsen will be delivering full-service 24x7 operations, including incident and backup management.



2.1 Customer is responsible for the communication between the Customer and the Access Point and shall accordingly be responsible for providing and maintaining its own Internet access and all necessary telecommunications equipment, software and other materials ("Customer Equipment") necessary for accessing Website  . 

2.2 Customer shall upon request from Företagsplatsen appoint one competent individual with suitable training and experience as its contact person (“Technical Contact”) responsible for all technical matters related to Website  . Customer shall provide contact information for the Technical Contact to Företagsplatsen. The Technical Contact shall have suitable training and experience and shall be authorised to act on Customer’s behalf in all technical matters related to Website  . The appointment of the Technical Contact is subject to the approval of Företagsplatsen, not to be unreasonably withheld. Företagsplatsen may suspend or withdraw its approval if the Technical Contact is deemed unfit by Företagsplatsen.



3.1 Whenever used in this SLA with an initial capital letter, the terms listed in this Section 3.1 shall have the meanings specified below.

a) “Access Point” means the point as specified by Företagsplatsen at which Företagsplatsen connects the Service to a public electronic communications network.

b) "Business Day" means any day (other than a Saturday or Sunday) on which the banks are ordinarily open for business in Sweden, excluding on-line banking;

c) “Downtime” means periods of time when Website  is not available to Customer. 

d) “Incident” means any single event, or any set of events, that result in Downtime.

e) “Planned Downtime” means periods of Downtime caused by planned changes of Website initiated by Företagsplatsen and/or Customer, where Customer has been notified in advance. Such as changes in the general infrastructure (firewalls, backup solutions, network components, servers etc.), or updates of system components and/or applications operated by Företagsplatsen.

f) “Service Hours” means 08:00-17:00 CET at any Business Day.

g) “Technical Support” means assistance aimed at Customer’s technical staff and relating to the infrastructure of Website, the access thereto, problems in carrying out business critical processes due to errors in Website or similar technical issues. Technical Support does not include assistance regarding the general use and functions of software, training, customization, or other similar user support services.

h) “Uptime” as defined in Section 4.2.



4.1 Except for Planned Downtime and other service level limitations set out in this SLA Företagsplatsen undertakes to keep Website available to Customer 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year. 

4.2 Företagsplatsen shall keep Website available for Customer during Service Hours at 99,5% or higher measured per calendar quarter (“Reporting Period”). Compliance will be calculated according to the following formula:
Website compliance formula

Capego compliance formula
4.3 Företagsplatsen is not responsible and the Uptime level shall be adjusted for Downtime due to the following reasons:

a) Customer prevents Företagsplatsen from performing required maintenance and update tasks;

b) interruptions of Website due to problems in equipment and software used by the Customer outside the Access Point, and/or third party software or computer equipment, including power outages, componentry failure and unauthorised changes to the configuration or set up of affected equipment, software or services;

c) emergency shutdowns necessary to protect Customer from, inter alia, viruses, any form of so called “denial of service” attacks or any other right to restriction of the Service according to Wolter Kluwers General Terms and Conditions Website On line Services, or any similar force majeure events, including minor Downtime of no more than 10 minutes from start of the Downtime to renewed Uptime due to an update or other maintenance measure of Website or the hardware on which Website resides;

d) errors or failures to access Access Point.

4.4 Downtime is only reported after it has been registered in the fault system used by Företagsplatsen. Downtime may be registered by means of an automatic alarm, a report by the Technical Contact in accordance with 2.2 above or upon discovery by Företagsplatsen. The measuring point is the Access Point. 

4.5 Upon Customer’s notice to Företagsplatsen, if Uptime is below 99,5%, Företagsplatsen will refund (“Refund”) to Customer, according to the schedule below, a portion of the monthly fees charged for the effected system, during the month which the Downtime occurred: 
Website Downtime Refund

The compensation for Downtime set forth in this Section 4.4 is in lieu of all other remedies for Företagsplatsen’s failure to achieve the agreed availability and Customer shall not be entitled to any further compensation or other remedies as a result of such Downtime. To claim a remedy under this section 4, Customer is required to notify Företagsplatsen within 15 days of the occurrence of the failure to provide the applicable service level. Företagsplatsen shall upon Customer´s request provide a report of the service level for the last Reporting Period.

4.6 Customer’s entitlement to Refund shall not apply if only a part of Website is unavailable and Customer’s operations are not significantly affected. 



5.1 Företagsplatsen shall make available to Customer to report Technical Support and/or Incidents related requests via email 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year. 

5.2 Företagsplatsen shall respond to Customer’s Technical Support and/or Incidents related requests by telephone or e-mail depending on the priority of the support request. Queries received out of Service Hours will be collected, however no action can be guaranteed until the next Business Day.

5.3 Technical Contact shall be Customer’s principle point of contact for the communication of Website and Incidents related requests with Företagsplatsen. 

5.4 Technical Contact shall carefully evaluate and verify any suspected Incident before a report is made to Företagsplatsen thereof.

5.5 If an Incident is submitted to Företagsplatsen, an initial severity assessment to determine the impact on Customer shall be made by Företagsplatsen. 



6.1 Företagsplatsen will back up data from all of its customers stored at Företagsplatsen servers by using Website. Backup will be performed daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

6.2 Back up data will be deleted after 30 days unless otherwise agreed in writing between the Parties. 

6.3 On request from Customer Företagsplatsen will provide Customer with available backup data. Such restore from back up will be charged at Företagsplatsen's hourly rate current at the date of the request from the Customer.


The terms and conditions above are dated December 2018